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“Country is getting back to normal ;give your best in 2023” – Pres. Wickremesinghe


2023 is the year when everyone should contribute their maximum to bring the country back to normal, President Ranil Wickramasinghe said.

President Wickramasinghe made this statement today morning (02) while addressing the staff of the Presidential Secretariat after they took oaths at the Presidential Secretariat premises under the patronage of the President.

“We took steps to turn the country back to normal within five months. 2023 is a significant year as the country has to be saved from the debt trap and debt restructuring has to be implemented this year. Also, everyone is bound to implement the country’s basic policies. The government is working according to one-master plan. Also, I would like to say that your service is not limited to 08 hours a day, 05 days a week. Let’s all work with dedication to make the country normal by 2023.” The President further said.


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