Home Business International Media invites tourists to visit Sri Lanka

International Media invites tourists to visit Sri Lanka


The British government has given a green light  for travel to Sri Lanka, pointing out the unprecedented bargains offered to tourists in the country following the almost total tourism shutdown earlier in the year due to fears about riots and food shortages.

“Sri Lanka needs tourism like never before. Its people are suffering. The good news is that the Foreign Office no longer advises against visiting this beautiful country and Sri Lanka has dropped all its Covid-19 restrictions for arrivals from overseas.

My advice is to get there sooner rather than later.” Daily Mail journalist Mary Wales says in her news feature.

Wales in her article has pointed out that it is certainly easier to come Sri Lanka compared with India as a tourist can obtain a digital visa in 36 hours whereas UK citizens need three weeks at present and must turn up in person at a consulate to get a tourist visa for India

“I have just spent two weeks in Sri Lanka, a country I have always loved, and was amazed by what I found. As one tourist chief put it: ‘This is the only country in the world which deals with revolutionary anger through flowers, friendliness and good nature.’” Wales says.

While international Media is encouraging their citizens to visit Sri Lanka in this way, it is sad to see a mainstream TV Channel in Sri Lanka attempting to socialize negativity about Tourism industry in Sri Lanka pointing out that tourists who come to Sri Lanka are reluctant to spend.

However, the said TV Channel might have well forgotten that these tourists visit Sri Lanka while the country is facing an economic crisis, and that the country is benefited by every single dollar spent by them. Much to disappointment, this TV Channel had failed to acknowledge tourists for arriving in Sri Lanka amidst all hardships that will portray an ungrateful image about Sri Lanka among the international community.




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