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Coronavirus: China’s hospitals seem to be filling up – WHO


Hospitals in China appear to be filling up amid concerns about a fresh Covid-19 wave hitting the country, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

Dr Michael Ryan says intensive care units (ICU) are busy despite officials saying numbers are “relatively low”.

China figures show no-one died of Covid on Wednesday but there is scepticism about the disease’s real impact.

In recent days hospitals in Beijing and other cities have been filling up as the latest Covid surge hits China.

Since 2020, China has imposed strict health restrictions as part of its zero Covid policy.

But, the government ended most of those measures two weeks ago after landmark protests against the strict controls.

The number of cases has since soared, raising fears of a high mortality rate among the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable.

Despite the rise, the official figures show only five people died from Covid on Tuesday and two on Monday.


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