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“Should I be begging under the Bo tree in Pettah?” – Maithri


Former President Maithripala Sirisena says that he does not possess enough financial assets to pay the ordered compensation of Rs.100 million hence, has decided to collect the amount from his close friends and pay the amount.

He said this while speaking at a ceremony held in Nittambuwa regarding the verdict in the Easter Sunday attacks.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered former President Maithripala Sirisena to pay a sum of Rs.100 million as damages to the victims of Easter Sunday attacks.

“I was in a hospital in Singapore when this incident happened. I told the SC several times even though the officials received this information, that I was not informed in any way.

In the judgment of the Supreme Court, it is written that if the officials appointed by the President fails to perform any duties entrusted, the President will be held responsible for it. The Inspector General of Police is appointed by the President, the Defense Secretary is appointed by the President. The Director of Intelligence is appointed by the IGP, not the President. This verdict to pay Rs.100 million as compensation has been given by the SC as I have been held responsible for the non-fullfillment of duties by these officials.”

I do not have enough financial assets to pay a compensation of Rs.100 million. I will not argue about it. I asked whether I should be begging under the Bo tree in Pettah. Therefore I and my friends have decided that we will collect the money from our friends,” he said.

“I have given my assets declaration to Parliament every year. Many Presidents have not declared their assets after becoming President. That’s because they are Presidents. For the past five years that I was the President, I have given my assets declaration every year.  So anyone can see my assets declaration under RTI. I hope to get the necessary support from my friends to collect the required compensation.”




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