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Indian Foreign Minister to arrive in Sri Lanka with good news


Foreign Minister of India, S. Jaishankar is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka on Thursday (19) to discuss the debt restructuring process focusing on “supporting Sri Lanka” in its current economic crisis, The Hindu reports.

The discussions will focus on energy security, food security, currency swap arrangements as well as talks about restructuring Sri Lanka’s debt according to sources from India.

Jaishankar, during his two-day visit is expected to  make an announcement about India’s   positive response to Sri Lanka’s requirements, in keeping with India’s support last year as well, a political source reported.

Meanwhile, Jaishankar’s two-day visit; his first with the six-month-old government in Colombo, will also focused on comprehensive reviewing of bilateral ties.

In addition, talks are expected on two possible MoUs— on the Trincomalee development project and the long-pending plan for a cross-strait transmission line that would allow Sri Lanka access to India’s plans for an energy grid along with other countries like Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Diplomatic sources said that the support, in the form of “written financial assurances” from India would be critical for Sri Lanka as it works with its other creditors to resolve the economic crisis.

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