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Anura Kumara openly challenges Sajith for a debate


NPP Leader Anura Kumara challenges Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa to come to a live television debate with regard to the economy and development plan of Sri Lanka.

He made this statement during a political program held in a private channel yesterday (09).

A number of heated verbal attacks took place between the members of NPP and SJB parties with regard to their political ideology and current activities, in the recent press conferences and public gatherings organized by both parties.

Anura Kumara Dissanayake, when questioned by journalists, regarding this row of verbal attacks, said that “Sajith Premadasa is not a person to be paid attention to. Only three minutes out of a 90-minute speech of his can be considered.”

“Sajith Premadasa has made a statement that no one can compete with him in terms of development as he has a plan for the development of the country, which he speaks high of. But I have a problem as to whether he even understands the term ‘development’. However, I am ready for a public debate with regard to this matter, if he is willing to accept the challenge.”

Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa in a public meeting held earlier in Nugegoda said that he has great confidence in his development program and that no one can compete with him in terms of development.

Further speaking Anura Kumara said that it is possible to consider about the debate on the economic outlook of the country with other members of SJB, only after the debate with their leader; Sajith Premadasa. First, Premadasa should participate in the open debate with him, or otherwise inform Anura Kumara in written stating reasons as to why he could not participate in the debate.

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