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Rs. 380 Mn proposed as annual pay for ‘new’ BOI staff consisting of foreigners (Video)


A board paper has been submitted pending Cabinet approval to renovate Sri Lanka’s Board of Investment (BOI) headquartered at the World Trade Centre at a cost of Rs. 54 Mn minus the rent.

Convenor of the Voice Against Corruption (VAC) Wasantha Smarasinghe speaking in this regard said that once the rental is added, the cost of renovation would range approximately between Rs. 60-70 Mn.

Incidentally, Sri Lanka’s BOI comes under the direct purviews of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Samarasinghe speaking further said that renovations to the BOI office located on Level 24, of the WTC’s West Tower is being carried out to accommodate a set of new office bearers all of whom consist of foreigners.

The convenor of the VAC also said that it has already been proposed to allocate Rs. 380 Mn. annually to pay salaries to the new BOI office bearers.

Samarsinghe questioned as to how the government plans to make these financial allocations from the supposedly cash-strapped government hard hit by COVID19.


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