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‘Nothing was achieved through lockdown…’ – Keheliya


Minister of Health Keheliya Rambukwelle says that in his personal opinion, the quarantine curfew currently in place would not extend past the 30th of this month (August)

He added that most countries have now accepted the fact that lockdowns are not the answer to curbing the spread of Covid-19.

“My personal opinion is that we have not achieved any success by doing so. Most important of all, I see this as our personal responsibility, duty, our conduct, and the actions we take for this. My personal opinion is this, I think we have to manage all of this and fulfill our responsibilities as individuals as citizens and recognize our limits and move on. I think a country would have to go for such a program” Sri Lanka’s Health Minister said.

Meanwhile, Health Services Director General Dr. Asela Gunawardene stated that a decision on the extension or cancellation of the quarantine curfew will be taken tomorrow (27) at the Presidential Task Force meeting, where the Covid-19 current status will be taken up for analysis.


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