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“You feel the holes & other rowdy features…” Gammanpila (Video)


Minister of Energy Udaya Gammanpila in a recent trailer of a recently produced talk show says that the incumbent government never promised to reduce the price of fuel in Sri Lanka.

Gammanpila with talk show host Kishani Alanki said that his government under President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was a nationalist government as opposed to its predecessor the ‘Good-Governance’ regime.

Gammanpila meanwhile drawing the analogy of a vehicle to describe the domestic economy of the country said that “If the shock absorbers of the vehicle is not good, you would feel the big holes and other rowdy features of the road…The Sri Lankan economy under the previous regime was not able to absorb the shocks…”

Minister Gammanpila’s full interview is set to be released on 03 August.


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