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Not only turtles, but whales also die & wash ashore during a certain time of year Chamal (Video)


Minister Chamal Rajapaksa commenting on the washing shore of dead sea dwelling species including turtles and dolphins says that it is common for not only turtles but whales also to wash ashore to the beaches during a certain time of the year.

Rajapaksa speaking following the inauguration of a Chinese funded project said that the deaths were in no way linked to the oil leaked oil from MVXPress Pearl.

He however said that the government would not remain still and would conduct an inquiry into the deaths of the sea dwelling species which have spiked following the XPress Pearl incident.

Minister of Fisheries Douglas Dewananada meanwhile said that there were no dead sea turtles being reported from Sri Lanka and the images published had been taken off the internet.

Earlier State Minister of Coastal Conservation Nalaka Godahewa said that the death of marine species most likely would have been due to the high tide season.

Godahewa however subsequently denied having made such a statement.


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