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Increase in deaths of marine species following XPress Pearl incident


The Department of Wildlife Conservation, and environmentalists, yesterday expressed concern about the increasing number of deaths of marine species, following the ecological disaster caused by the fire destruction of Singapore-flagged MV X-Press Pearl off the Colombo port.

Around 40 dead sea turtles and ten dolphins have washed up on shores. The actual number of deaths is believed to be at least five times more.

The Government Analyst’s Department is currently trying to establish the causes of deaths. Government Analyst Gauri Ramana told the media that they would soon be able to reveal the exact cause.

“We are trying to determine the impact of the MV X-PRESS PEARL disaster on seawater. The report on our investigation will soon be submitted,” she said.

The Wildlife Conservation Department sent all the carcasses of the dead animals to the Government Analyst for testing, following a court order. Under the Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance, all sea turtles and their shells, eggs etc., are fully protected.

Most of the turtles found dead on the beaches in Panadura and Wellawatte had their carapaces broken. One dead turtle at the Unawatuna beach too had suffered injury.



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