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Police & Army cordon Brandix factory in Batticaloa during Tamil MP’s visit; Claims police tailed him (Video)


Sri Lanka’s Police & Army were used to form a cordon around the Brandix apparel factory located at Cemetery Rd, Batticaloa during the visit of TNA MP Shanakiyan Rasamanikam this afternoon.

The MP on a fact-finding mission accompanied by several others visited the Brandix factory complex in Batticaloa this afternoon (24) in order to inspect the manner in which operations were progressing against the backdrop of COVID19.

The MP had been informed that the factory was operating in violation of health guidelines put in place by the government in a bid to curb the transmission of COVID19.

28 garment employees at the complex have meanwhile tested positive for COVID19.

The MP speaking to media before the outer perimeter of the Brandix Factory in Batticaloa said that the Kalawanchikudy Police OIC had visited the MP at his home in the same area ahead of his visit, and had told him to preclude from visiting the factory premises.

When contacted by Newshub.lk/en the MP said that another individual in civvies claiming to be police had said that Parliament’s Speaker has been informed that the MP may be arrested if the situation gets out of hand before the factory.

However, MP Shanakiyan who decided to visit the Brandix factory in Batticaloa regardless of police had been followed by a police vehicle.

“I don’t know why the police followed me from my home to the factory. I’m just an MP. I was astonished to see that the police and army had been deployed to the factory premises as I arrived there. I was simply on a fact-finding mission. I have to look into the safety of my constituents in Batticaloa” MP Rasamanickam told Newshub.lk/en.

The government recently took steps to categorize Sri Lanka’s apparel sector under the essential service category. Accordingly clothing factories have been permitted to operate despite travel restriction BUT while adhering to proper health & safety guidelines.

The Brandix Group is spearheaded by Ashroff Omar who is the Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) who was incidentally appointed to the SriLankan Airlines Panel of Directors by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.


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