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Clinicians warn President; upsurge of COVID19 fatalities within next 3 weeks unavoidable (Letter)


President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been informed of an unprecedented upsurge in Sri Lanka’s COVID19 mortality rate, following the elapse of the next three weeks.

The Sri Lanka Medical Association, the Association of Specialist Physicians, the Inter-University Committee of the Sri Lanka Medical Association, and the Government Medical Officers’ Association in a letter has informed President Rajapaksa that beyond the next three-week period, the upsurge of COVID19 fatalities would be unavoidable. 

Sri Lanka’s number of COVID19 patients (diagnosed) and the number of associated deaths is currently on an upward trajectory, while cases being diagnosed at community level, is thrice as high than previous.

These medical associations in their letter also pointed out to the President that patients have been put on waiting lists for ICU services and hospital beds.

The letter also states that laboratories can only provide services to hospitalized patients as testing services have piled up.

The Medical Associations also pointed out that facilities available to non COVID19 patients are sharply deteriorating while the number of related deaths in non COVID19 complications have also spiked.

The letter also states that if the spread of the virus is not stemmed at the current level, the state will be forced to spend more finances.

Therefore, the President has been briefed on seven exigent steps to be drawn immediately including imposing of travel restrictions isolation.


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