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Further complications for Sri Lanka as shortage of PCR kits loom


The shortage of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and extraction reagents will cause problems in the coming days, Sri Lanka Association of Government Medical Laboratory Technologists (SLAGMLT) claimed.

Association President Ravi Kumudesh, speaking to The Morning yesterday (3), said that the reason for this shortage is the fault of supply chain management.

“We would suggest having a supply chain management committee to overcome this problem. We also see a drop in lab-related performance in the country. There are around 24 laboratories belonging to the Government. Only a few labs are performing while the others are not. The laboratories in hospitals especially are not performing well,” Kumudesh alleged.

However Ministry of Health Deputy Director-General of Laboratory Services Dr. G. Sudath K. Dharmaratne said that they are conducting PCR tests according to the supply and that at the moment, there is no shortage of reagents.

“We did 18,586 PCR tests on 2 May, 23,631 on 1 May, and 25,232 on 30 April. We have around 37 laboratories and 20 belong to the Government. The Medical Supplies Division (MSD) supplied enough PCR tests and extraction reagents.”

When queried as to whether there will be a shortage of PCR tests and extraction reagents in the coming days, Dr. Dharmaratne said that the question should be answered by the MSD.

Meanwhile Deputy Director General of Medical Supplies Dr. D.R.K. Herath, he said that there is no shortage as claimed by various parties.

“We have not stopped importing, so how can you say that there is a shortage?” he queried.

The Morning


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