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People are dying Dr. Sudath; Being emotional won’t help – Chief Epidemiologist (Video)


Dr. Sudath Samaraweera, Chief Epidemiologist of the Epidemiology Unit, says that taking into account the limited resource available at present, the control of the COVID19 epidemic in Sri Lanka remains satisfactory.

Dr. Sudath made this response to a question raised by a journalist during a media briefing heald at the Health Promotion Bureau yesterday (29).

He also said that steps have been taken to prevent the European version of the coronavirus from entering Sri Lanka from the first day of its spread and said that it would be much appreciated if journalists did not raise their questions in an emotional manner.

However one journalist at the forum said that emotions ran high since peoples lives were at stake owing to COVID19 & inaction on part of the state & authorities.

He emphasized the need to control the disease in a balanced way by maintaining the country’s economy and education.

Commenting further, the Dr. Samaraweera said “Compared to other countries, with the limited resources we have to control it, the extent to which we have managed it is very satisfying, very successful,” he said. Anyone can look at this from different angles. Another person can look at us from one angle and say that we have failed. It all depends on perspective”.


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