Home Local Renegade monk, alleged supporter of SLPP wreaks havoc in Gintota – (Watch)

Renegade monk, alleged supporter of SLPP wreaks havoc in Gintota – (Watch)


A monk, the Chief incumbent of a Buddhist Temple located at Gintota has been caught on video while attempting to assault a member of his Temple Committee (Dayaka Sabhawa).

The monk in dispute according to social media, had been heavily inebriated during the time of the incident.

Unable to settle the quarrel, police assistance had been sought.

However, despite the police having arrived at the scene, the monk regardless continues to verbally abuse and physically assault the member of the Temple Committee.

It is worthy to mention that the monk in dispute is a heavy supporter of Sri Lanka’s ruling party the SLPP, in his local constituent, while police inaction may be well attributed owing to the fact.

Meanwhile the monk had thrown a frenzy at the member of the Temple Committee for having tolled the temple bell.

Having witnessed police inaction, those who had gathered at the temple premises warn the monk that if his unruly behavior continues even in the presence of police, he would be assault.

This incident serves as a fine example regarding the conduct of such monks, government inaction and the silence of the Mahanayake Theros who let such renegade thugs wreak havoc while tarnishing Buddhism.


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