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Father & 2 children narrowly escape death at Moratuwa stadium: Over to you Sports Minister


A person who took his children, aged six and 10, to the Tyrone Fernando stadium, Katubedde, Moratuwa, suffered injuries when a loosened metal roofing sheet carried by strong winds from a three storey high Grand Stand roof hit him. The incident happened on Feb 22 at 6.05 pm.

Lahiru Fernando took his children to the ground for them to play, and as they entered from the car park area of the stadium, a large roofing sheet hit them from behind. Thanks to Lahiru’s reflexes, he covered the kids with his arms. The sheet slashed his arm and the impact left two deep cuts on the younger child, aged six. Dichelle suffered head and a skull fracture.

Lahiru carried the children back to the car with the help of the stranger. Lahiru drove the car himself with one hand while the other was gushing blood, and got home, which is five minutes from the stadium, on Polkotuwa Road. They were rushed to the Kalubowila Hospital in an ambulance, and then the younger child was transferred to LRH and from there to the National Hospital’s Neurotrauma ward due to the severity of the injury.

Lahiru and the other child were taken to Durdans and both of them underwent surgeries immediately. Lahiru has been discharged but he will have to wear the cast for six weeks.

Dichelle is still in hospital following the draining of some blood caused by the depressed fracture in her skull.

 The family said that they had lodged a complaint with the police.

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