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PCoI on Easter Attacks has no mention of hyped up ‘වඳ Kottu’; Why? – Arurakumara (Video)


Leader of the JVP Anura Kumara Dissanayeke says that the PCoI report on Sri Lanka’s Easter attacks had not a ’single mention’ of wanda Kottu (වඳ කොත්තු) in it to the surprise of everyone.

Dissanayeke speaking during a meeting held yesterday (24) said that everybody was eagerly waiting for the Commission to present its findings on වඳ කොත්තු which was hyped immediately following Sri Lanka’s Easter Attacks by the Rajapaksa camp in the runup to the election 2019.

He also said that not a single mention was made of clothing stores nor its owners which sold clothes which made Sinhala women barren.

Dissnayeke said that the PCoI’s report was concealing the attackers and those who colluded with them.

The Leader of the JVP said that Sri Lanka’s Easter attacks were used by the Rajapaksa clan to seize power during a volatile socio-political background.


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