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Not bound by treaty for prohibition of nuclear weapons: Pakistan


Pakistan has clarified that it does not consider itself bound by any of the obligations in the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and that the agreement does not constitute a part of conventional international law.

This comes as the nuclear weapons ban treaty had taken effect amid the lack of signatures from the major nuclear powers. According to the United Nations, this treaty seeks a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons, which includes a set of prohibitions on participating in any nuclear weapon activities.

The treaty seeks to prohibit the use, development, production, testing, stationing, stockpiling and threat of nuclear weapons.

Pakistani Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri on Friday stated that this treaty neither forms a part of nor contributes to the development of customary international law in any manner.

Chaudhri argued that the Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which was adopted in July 2017, was negotiated outside the established UN disarmament negotiating forums.

None of the nuclear-armed states took part in the negotiations of the treaty which failed to take on board the legitimate interests of all stakeholders.

Zahid Chaudhri further claimed that many non-nuclear armed states have also refrained from becoming parties to the treaty, adding that it is indispensable for any initiative on nuclear disarmament to take into account the vital security considerations of each and every state.


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