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‘Employees were coerced to work despite falling sick’; Management of Brandix Minuwangoda accused -(Video)


The Management including the head of the Minuwangoda Brandix facility have been accused of coercing employees to report to work, following the detection of a COVID-19 positive patient at the plant last Saturday (03).

At present over 300 employees serving at the Brandix facility located in Minuwangoda have tested positive for COVID19.

The factory in Minuwangoda had been handling an export order from India during the identification of its first patient.

Several workers had complained of running a fever since last Tuesday (29) but had been asked to report to work despite their condition.

Around 80 employees meanwhile had obtained medical treatment from the in-factory physician at the Minuwangoda Brandix facility last Saturday citing physical discomfort.

Moreover the initial COVID19 positive employee at the Minuwangoda Brandix facility a 39 year resident hailing from Habaraduwa-Galle had been admitted to hospital after she had fainted within the factory premises.

However Brandix Sri Lanka issuing a media release following the identification of a COVID19 positive patient at the Minuwangoda facility assured that all precautionary measure had been drawn to contain the spread of the virus.

Official release made available by Brandix

Meanwhile in yet another development, a woman providing boarding facilities to around 40 factory employees in the Minuwangoda area, accused the Head of the Minuwangoda Brandix facility and its management of coercing two females to work.

The two women serving as Janitorial workers at the Minuwangoda facility had been called over for work, according to the woman featured in the video despite the identification of the COVID19 positive patient.

She also states that an official from the factory had assured her that the women boarded at her home would not face any risk.

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Posted by Breaking.lk on Monday, October 5, 2020


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