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SL influencer accused of siphoning Rs.15 Mn raised for Easter Attack victims (Video)


Sri Lanka’s social media scape is ablaze following what has been termed #IshiniGate, a fundraiser organized on behalf of Sri Lanka’s Easter Attack victims.

The fundraiser organized by Ishini Weerasinghe a Sri Lankan expat currently residing in Canada has become the subject of much debate after donors charging Weerasinghe of siphoning nearly $82,882 in amassed funds.

Donors charge that Weerasinghe who is also a famed Instagram influencer has failed to provide any tangible proof on the dispersion of the amassed funds raised on behalf of Sri Lanka’s Easter Attack victims following the lapse of one and a half years.

The fund raiser on gofundme.com was created on 21 April 2019.

According to several updates on her fundraising campaign, Weerasinghe claims to have withdrawn the funds amounting to approximately 15 million Sri Lankan rupees in mid June 2019.

She also claims that she faced several issues with rgards to the disbursal of funds due to church politics in Sri Lanka and various other obstacles.

Weerasinghe also claims that she has entrusted the collection of receipts to an individual, which according to her may serve as proof of the funds being genuinely distributed among Sri Lanka’s Easter Attack victims.

However individual clarifications on fund disbursal, particularly in the Negombo parish, have turned up to the ddisappointment of many who supported Ishini Weerasinghe’s initive on gofundme.

Meanwhile a modelling agency managed by Ishini Weerasinghe has been accused of promoting unhealthy brands which violate ethical standards.

Ishini Weerasinghe has also been accused of misusing her fame in order to dupe and manipulate unsuspecting individuals.

Up against the overwhelming accusations against her, Ishini Weerasinghe has thus far not yet been able to provide any concrete proof regarding the disbursal of funds through her fund raising campaign for Sri Lanka’s Easter Attack victims and their families.

The Catholic church in Sri Lanka meanwhile has not issued a a clarification or expressed its opinion in this regard.


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