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SL’s medical staff battling COVID19 up for Civilian Bravery Award


The Foundation for Civilian Bravery (FCB) has decided to include Sri Lanka’s medical service personnel for the National Civilian Bravery Award for 2020.

The decision comes in recognition of their efforts to provide relief and care for civilians who have contracted the COVID19 virus.

According to the President FCB Kasun Chandraratne the deadline for registrations has been extended to May 31, to include doctors, nurses and paramedical staff who are battling the epidemic in Sri Lanka.

The awards consist of the Budal-Na Gold Award, Silver Medals for Civilian Bravery, Civilian Bravery (Community Harmony) Award and Civilian Bravery (Community/Social Harmony) Award.

Those eligible for recognition should be citizens of Sri Lanka who have displayed acts of incredible valor.

The criteria for selection will center on the risk to the rescuer, the threat to the victim, and the degree of the rescuer’s obligation to the Act.

‘The intention of the awards is to uphold peace and to promote social cohesion and harmony.

Applications are available here.

The application can be made personally by the candidate or another person acquainted with the actions or work of the nominee.


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